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September 29, 2000

San Francisco Airport… again. Who would think that I would be here again? None the less, I made it this far. What lies ahead, I don’t know.

I am going to Tibet. I feel the power of the land, the people, and the spirit pulling me in. I won’t really believe it until I am in Lhasa. That will fulfill a circle in my life. This is the next step. The dropping off point. Everything else is lining up behind this action.

Perhaps all shall seem dull and of little consequence. Or perhaps a big blast of a fiery furnace. Spirit energy bursting from ancient tombs and all that. I don’t know what to think it might be like. I sit in the airport and consider such things.

Last night before yoga class, the whole Tibet energy came sweeping over me. It was all I could to do to compose myself enough to make it to Yoga class. Yoga got me grounded and centered again.

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