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I don't think of the Grateful Dead as being an end in itself. I think of the Grateful Dead as being a crossroads, or a pointer sign. And what we're pointing to is there's a whole lot of universe available; there's a whole lot of experience available over here; there's spiritual awakening back there somewhere; there's all this stuff and we're kind of like a signpost.
Jerry Garcia...

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Martin Fierro Music .com
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The Phil Zone - Real Audio Fan Site

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Robert Hunter Home

Rat Dog Web Site

The Phil Zone

Vince Welnick
Eugene AreaTraders Group
Mountain Girl Article

Grateful Dead in Egypt

The Wild Bohemian Home Page - "Always stay in your own movie" - Ken Kesey
Deadheads Launch Pad
The Old Hippie's Groovy Site

Deadheads in Paradise - Comics

Dead Lobos - Comics

Grateful Dead Music
John Cipollina



Fundamentals of the Group Mind - Flash Movie
Envision - Narrative Overview
Envision - Environmental Action
Envision - Science
Envision - TV Guide
Envision - How it Works - Flash Movie
Meditation 101 - Flash Movie
Relax the Mind - Flash Movie
Kundalini Mediation - Flash Movie

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