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By: W. Dire Wolff


In the high Sierra Nevada mountains, Lake Tahoe, California shines blue and pristine, quietly reflecting the natural beauty of the surrounding snow covered mountains. Skiers and Snowboarders find almost unlimited choices of snow covered terrain to explore there. Rich isolated white backcountry surrounded by emerald green evergreen forests, and well groomed world class ski runs can be found, side by side, in the mountains that surround beautiful Lake Tahoe. Whether you want to enjoy a quiet day of cross-country touring, a day of shredding at some of the world’s finest snowboard parks, ski racing down a mogul covered snow bowl, or just want a nice quiet resort that the whole family can enjoy, Lake Tahoe is the place to spend your winter holidays.

The second largest Alpine lake in the world, Lake Tahoe is nestled in the mountains between the states of California and Nevada. Tahoe is the largest lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Lake Tahoe is located at a surface elevation of 6,229 feet above sea level. The lake is 22 miles long, and 12 miles wide. This is one of the finest recreational outdoors area that can be found in the United States of America. The area surrounding the lake is often referred to as "Lake Tahoe", although many of the towns and resorts of the Lake Tahoe area reside in the more outlying mountain regions. The mountain area that raises above the lake offers more than a dozen ski resorts that provide ski access for skiers and snowboarders, and endless miles of isolated snow covered backcountry for cross-country skiing, sledding, and snowshoe adventures .

Visitors to the Lake Tahoe region can enjoy both rustic mountain villages and/or exciting night life in fast paced Nevada casinos. There are countless choices of lodging and dining that can fit many different vacationers’ budget. Some people head to Tahoe to be seen on the slopes showing off their abilities or sense of fashion, while others find it a great destination to get away from it all. The ski areas surrounding the lake are referred to those on "North Shore" and "South Shore". "North Shore" resorts are known for their more rustic charming atmospheres, while the areas around the casinos at Stateline are part of "South Shore". Of course you don’t have to ski, snowboard, or even gamble to enjoy some time at Lake Tahoe. There’s all types of good old fashioned fun wherever you find snow. People of all ages can enjoy building snowpeople, sledding, building forts in the snow, and then there’s always the down home fun of a playful snowball fight. Whatever your expectation of heading to a winter wonderland is, you can probably find it at Lake Tahoe.

Most of resorts in the Lake Tahoe are very accommodating to families. There are many options for childcare and children’s ski programs. Information can be found about individual resort’s by visiting their websites. Each resort varies in the type of programs they offer for children, parents need to do some research to find how to best meet the needs of their family members.

Countless Ski and Snowboard Rental Shops can be found throughout the Lake Tahoe area. Usually the facilities at the resorts are slightly more expensive, than many of the shops along the way. The resorts’ facilities; offer the convenience of not having to carry the equipment to and from the slopes in the car or hotel shuttle. Many of the shops in town offer the option of being able to select and return your equipment after hours, providing the snowrider with more time on the slope. Although shops not located at the resort are often more affordable, Resorts often offer packages that include equipment rental, lift tickets, and/or lessons at special discounted prices.

Snowriders of all abilities can benefit from professional snowboard and ski instruction. Whenever a person ventures out on the snowcovered mountains, they are exposing themselves to the possibility of injury or even death. It is highly recommended that first time skiers and snowboarders invest in some lessons. First time instruction teaches the snowrider how to stop, turn, get on and off the chairlifts, and how to avoid injury. Continued instruction increases the snowrider’s ability and allows them to advance more quickly to more difficult terrain. Advanced instruction can teach the skills needed to ski more difficult powder and/or make it down challenging mogul covered expert slopes. Lessons and instruction are usually available for groups and most resorts offer private instruction as well. All the resorts offer lessons and instructions for snowriders, those that take advantage of this professional instruction can increase their enjoyment of the sport and reduce the possibility of injury.

Lake Tahoe can be reached from the San Francisco Bay area in 3 to 5 hours driving time, and just a 45 minute drive from the airport in Reno, Nevada. It’s location makes this a destination for both one day visits and longer overnight vacations. Two highways provide access to the Lake Tahoe region from California’s Central Valley, Interstate 80 and Highway 50. Interstate 80 is a 4 lane divided highway that provides a gateway to Tahoe’s North Shore Resorts, and Highway 50 is a two lane highway that allows visitors to enter Tahoe from the South Shore. In addition, people arrive from around the world, to land at the Reno Tahoe International Airport to access the nearby mountains areas.

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