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Sugar Water - Aiff
Cibo Matto's creative process usually evolves from musical passages and samplings that Yuka pieces together on her keyboards and sampler. Miho listens to Yuka's musical ideas and she begins constructing lyrics and vocals. They listen to each others ideas, and exchange opinions on where the song should go.

Cibo Matto does not reach a final version of a musical composition, instead their songs are living organisms that continue to change and evolve with every performance of the piece.

Beef Jerky - Aiff


Miho's and Yuka's development of individual musical disciplines and their cooperative collaboration of ideas is the key to Cibo Matto's success.

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This page provides links to sound clips of the music of Cibo Matto. Click an image to listen WAV or AIFF song samples. Or listen to Real Audio samples on other linked pages.


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