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Cibo Matto didn't spring out of nowhere, it evolved over time as two friends pursued their musical careers together. Before settling into the current forum of music collaboration, Yuka Honda and Miho formed a loose punk jam band know as "Leitoh Lychee". While hanging out writing music or after a night's gig, they often wandered over to one of the many great New York restaurants to relax, talk, and enjoy the food. New York is a place where any time, day or night, food from a diverse set of cultures can be found. Like their eclectic tastes in music, they shared the same eclectic taste in food. Slowly there developed a fusion between Yuka and Miho's friendship, their shared love for food, and their desire to make music. Out of this fusion, the band Cibo Matto was born.

Cibo Matto recorded their first mini CD on the Japanese recording label known as "Error Records" . The self named mini album "Cibo Matto", was released in Japan by the Error label. This CD was released in 1995. The CD included material already prepared in the United States for demos and their two independent 7" singles. The hard work that Yuka and Miho had put in over the years came together in the release of the CD, "Viva! La Woman", in early 1996. With the distribution resources of Warner Brothers Records behind them, Cibo Matto found a great deal of new success and popularity. Their second release on Warner Brothers was the mini CD titled, "Super Relax", release in 1997.

Sean Lennon joined Miho and Yuka in the studio to provide the bass lines on most of the tracks for the "Super Relax" album. After the release of Super Relax, Cibo Matto went back to playing live gigs. They started taking Sean along on tour to accompany them on bass guitar. Over time, Sean came to be recognized as a member of what had been a two person band.

In addition to Sean on bass, Cibo Matto enlisted Timo Ellis to play drums and help out on vocals while touring. When it came time to start recording their third major release in 1998, "Stereotype A", Timo was there. They went into the studio as a four piece band, but by the end of the sessions another full time member, Duma Love, had been added to the band's bill. Duma plays electric drums, percussion, and he also raps. Duma can be heard on "Stereotype A" doing the impressive rap on "Lint Of Love" and also the human beat box on "Clouds".

The band has slowly been formed into its current format, Yuka Honda, Miho, Timo Ellis, Duma Love, Rick Lee (bass), Brandt Abner (keyboards), and Ganda (vocals); with special guest appearances by their network of musical associates and friends. Each member shares a common interest in the cooperative development of new musical ideas. Miho describes the band's musical process by saying, "What I'm proudest of on "Stereotype A" is the collaboration. It's the product of four people listening all the time."


Below is a post from the Official Cibo Matto Message Board that announced the Cibo Matto line up in spring 2001. Rick Lee replaced Sam Koppleman on bass, and Japa was not present for the summer and fall shows in 2001.

cibo and the family scone
Posted on March 31, 2001 at 03:50:14 PM by matto

how are you guys? it's gray gray gray in new york ...

how are y'all feeling today?

i wanted to introduce you guys our new family. miho on mic yuka on keys timo on drums/mic duma on drums/mic japa on drums/keys sam (yes, sam koppleman) on bass ganda on mic we love our new family very much! we miss sean a lot too. his soul is always with us when we play.

on april 5th, come celebrate the beautiful day, the birthday of the daughter of SAN RA, a.k.a. miho hatori, will be performing at TONIC. she will be singing the beautiful songs by baden powell again. we are collecting lints from your sweater to make a heart shape sculpture. please join us. eat really good food today.

love yuka

Below is this site's notice that reported the Cibo Matto line up in Summer 2001.

Cibo Matto Summer 2001 Lineup

Miho, Yuka Honda, Timo Ellis and Duma Love have continued to be the core of Cibo Matto in 2001. But the band is very excited about working with their recent new bandmates Rick Lee, Ganda, and Brundt Abner.

Miho and Yuka played with Rick Lee in both Leitoh Lychee and Butter 08. Miho and Yuka actually met Rick, on the same day that they first met each other. Rick was featured as a guest musician on "Viva! La Woman".

Ganda has been with the band for most of this year. She sings back up vocals, that Yuka refers to as, "very sexy and soulful."

Brundt Abner is the band's new super weapon. He has been known to join Yuka in a double keyboard thing that is totally awesome!

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