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Yuka Honda helped Bonnie Pink (a Japanese Pop Musician) do a remix on Bonnie Pink's maxi single, "Sleeping Child". Yuka's mix is titled the "Protein Shake Mix".

Bonnie Pink's web site is in Japanese only. Click here to visit Bonnie's Web site. There are a couple paragraph's on the site about Yuka, on a web page titled "Collaboration". A rough translation of the Japanese text about Yuka from Bonnie Pink's web site appears below.

"Their 2nd album "StereoType A" was chosen as one of the best ten albums of 1999 by each music magazine and they established their status in the music world. Cibo Matto was started by Yuka Honda and Miho in NY in 1994. (at present, 5 members including Sean Lennon)."

"Their debut album is a mini album, "Cibo Matto", made in 1995. In 1996, they released their 1st album, "Viva La Woman", from the biggest record maker, Warner Bros. Their music based on hippop and digested variety of musing such as rock, punk, jazz, funk, and bosa nova leads/infers(?) the musing style of 21 century. "Spoon" recorded in this CD is getting attention because it is the 1st single from "Stereotype A" and a famous musician like Mark Ribot? is playing.

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