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Frequently Asked Questions about Cibo Matto
Miho Hatori

Who are Cibo Matto?

Miho - vocals
Yuka Honda - keyboards and background vocals
Timo Ellis - drums and background vocals
Duma Love - percussion, rap vocals
Ganda - background vocals
Rick Lee - bass
Brandt Abner - keyboards
Sean Lennon - bass

Does Cibo Matto have an official site?


Compiled from Fan Questions to"Kitty" from Shadows on the Wall
Photos by: "Devon Reed". Use Limited by permission.

Did Cibo Matto break up?
Nobody would rather sugar coat this more than me, but the word from the band is that Cibo Matto had a break up. A friendly departure into each of their own solo projects. Each person had their own ideas to work out and keeping the whole Cibo Matto band thing together wasn't fair to themselves or us fans. So now they will each focus on their own solo projects, and the people, and the musician will stay connected as the extended family, that has grown out of the band Cibo Matto. And we'll see the musicians of Cibo Matto crossing paths and helping each other out on various projects.

On Stereotype A, Which song did Yumiko of Buffalo Daughter play on?

Yumiko from Buffalo Daughter is the the brilliant genius, that played the bass line on the song "Clouds". She played the bass line on her Moog synthesizer.

Where can I find a copy of the Super Relax EP? How about their self titled EP?
Super Relax
Self Titled EP

You can often find these two items, as well as other rarities, at The first self titled Cibo Matto EP can still be purchased, new, at Another best bet is to look at your local independent record store.



What other CDs have Cibo Matto released?

  Cibo Matto - 1995
  Viva! La Woman - 1996
  Super Relax EP - (Limited Edition) 1997
  Stereo-Type A - 1999

  Working for Vacation - Single (Japan) - 1999
  Moonchild Single - Remix 12" Vinyl -2000
  Know Your Chicken - EP (Germany) - 1996
  Know Your Chicken - Single (Independent) 1995
  Birthday Cake - Single (Independent) 1995

What other albums/compilations have Cibo Matto worked on?

At Home with the Groovebox
  ("We Love our Lawyers")

Butter 08 - Butter
  (Miho and Yuka side project)
Gorillaz - Gorillaz
  (Miho on various vocals)
Handsome Boy Modeling School
  (So... How's Your Girl?)
Yoko Ono/IMA - Rising Mixes
  (Cibo Matto Remix - "Talking To The Universe)
Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty
  (Miho on "I Don't Know")
Beastie Boys - Aglio E Olio (australian 7")
  (Miho on "Light my Fire")
Beastie Boys - Intergalactic Single
  (Miho on "Hail Sagan")
Medeski Martin & Wood - Combustication Remix EPMiho/Sean
  (Yuka Honda remixes - Sugarcraft also features Miho and Sean)
Various artists - Red Hot and Latin -> Silencio Equals Muerte

  (aguas de marco)
Various Artists - Tibetan Freedom Concert CD
  (Live version of Birthday Cake)
Various Artists - Atom Kids: A Tribute to the King O.T.
  (On the song Fushigina Merumo)
Various Artists - Half Baked Soundtrack
  (Who's Got The Light?)
Various Artists - Brain Candy Soundtrack
  (Birthday Cake)

Dave Douglas - Sanctuary
  (Yuka appears as guest)

Sean Lennon - Into the Sun
  (produced by Yuka Honda, Miho on "Into the Sun")
Various Artists - Rare On Air / Vol. 2 KCRW Live Performances
  (Sugar Water)
Various Artists - Great Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach
  (Sean Lennon and Yuka Honda on "The Look of Love")
Various Artists - Great Jewish Music: Marc Bolan
  (Sean Lennon and Yuka Honda on "Would I Be the One")
Various Artists - Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg
  (Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus)
Various Artists - Atom kids remix: 21century boys and girls
  (Cibo Matto remixes Sean Lennon's remix of the astro boy theme song)
So Many Worlds - Peter Distefano, Rambient
(Miho is one of the many guest artists)
Hesher - Self Titled Debut
(Miho is one of the many guest artists)

What artists have Cibo Matto collaborated with?

Handsome Boy Modelling School
Yoko Ono
Beastie Boys
Sean Lennon
Medeski Martin & Wood


Yuka HondaWhat is Butter 08?

Butter 08 is a side band of Cibo Matto including Miho, Yuka, Mike Mills (the artist, not from R.E.M.). Rick Lee from Skeleton Key, and Russell Simins from JSBX.

Are Butter 08 planning to release anything else?


Are Cibo Matto coming to play in my town anytime soon?

check, the official site's tour section or for the most up to date, confirmed information.


Did Cibo Matto appear on the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" television series?

Yes, Cibo Matto appeared on the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" television series in the second season of the show. They appreared on the "When She Was Bad" episode and performed the songs, "Spoon" and "Sugar Water".

Did Cibo Matto appear in the Sound Track for the movie "Blade"?

No, Cibo Matto did not appear on the movie soundtrack for Blade! Shonen Knife appears on the movie soundtrack for Blade. Miho recorded a song with Arto Lindsay and Kat Bjelland for the movie soundtrack of "Witchblade".

If I like Cibo Matto, who else would you recommend listening to?

Boredoms, Sean Lennon, Beck, Beastie Boys, Buffalo Daughter, Pizzicato 5, Medeski Martin & Wood, Luscious Jackson, etc.


Where can I write to Cibo Matto?

Cibo Matto
Box 146
New York, NY
Miho Hatori

Is there an official Cibo Matto e-mail mailing list?


Where can I join the official Cibo Matto e-mail mailing list?

If you go to the front page of the official site, there is a box where you can enter your email address and you are automatically joined. The list sends out last minute news, etc.

Who have Cibo Matto toured/played with?

Sean Lennon
Luscious Jackson
I am Spoonbender
Lenny Mark
David J (of Bauhaus)
Bardo Pond
Rob Swift
Dj Spooky
Yoko Ono
Dusty Trails
Thurston Moore
Perry Farrell
Lillith Fair 1999
Dave Douglas
The Roots
Medeski, Martin & Wood
Miguel Q
Delta 72
Solo Jr.
2 Skinee Jays

I hardly ever get any e-mail from the
official Cibo Matto mailing list. Are there any unofficial ones?

Yes, there is one at and two at The two at (cibovisean and cibomatto) can be joined by obtaining a membership at onelist, and then signing up for the respective lists.

To join the egroups one, send an email to or enter your email address below:

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Where can I buy Cibo Matto Tee Shirts?

You can purchase Cibo Matto Tee Shirts at the Kung Fu Nation web site.


Photos by: "Devon Reed". Use Limited by permission.

This page was compiled from Fan Questions to"Kitty" from Shadows on the Wall

Thanks to Kitty for all of her Hard Work!



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