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Sean Lennon has a New Album "Friendly Fire" 
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Release Date - USA: October 3, 2006

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Sean Lennon began his professional music career in 1995 when his band "IMA" backed up "Yoko Ono" (a Japanese expatriate of avant garde art music fame) on her album, "Rising". The band, IMA ("Ima" is the Japanese word for "Now"), was formed as a musical trio under Sean's direction. After the album was completed, IMA has continued to play as a back up band for Yoko in her concert appearances. The band toured Japan, Europe, and America in support of the "Rising" album. IMA played at Miyazima, Japan near the site of the infamous Hiroshima site for a special Peace Concert in October 1995. In addition, they lent their support to the Tibetan Freedom Concerts. Sean started his professional career at an age of 19 years old, and was quickly exposed to the challenges of musical recording and touring.

SeanYuka Honda and Miho made friends with Yoko (one their idols) after Capitol records invited Cibo Matto to perform a remix of the song "Talking To The Universe", on Yoko's "Rising Remixes" EP. In the remix of "Talking To The Universe", Yuka and Miho added additional drums, keyboards, samples, and of course a rap by Miho. After hearing Miho and Yuka perform, Yoko invited them to visit her. Through this interaction, Miho and Yuka met Sean.

After a short time, Yuka asked Sean to come play bass with them at a Cibo Matto concert. Following that performance, they asked Sean to go on tour with them as their bass player. As they began work on their second studio recording project with Warner Brothers Records, "Super Relax", they brought Sean farther into the Cibo Matto fold. Sean joined Miho and Yuka in the studio to provide the bass lines on most of the cuts for "Super Relax". They started taking Sean along on tour to accompany them on bass guitar and over time, Sean came to be recognized as a member of what had been a two person band.

Sean LennonAs a musician, Sean shares Miho's and Yuka's crazy food attitudes, that diversity is the essence of listening and playing music. Not only does he have a taste for modern grunge and alternative music, he shares Miho's interest in Brazilian music. Musically he enjoys the chance for instrumental free jazz improvisation, standard rock, as well as Country/Western music. Sean's diverse tastes in music, as well as his compelling desire to improve his own personal skills as a musician, helped to shape the Cibo Matto sound.

At the first Cibo Matto show that Sean was invited to he was able to meet, "The Beastie Boys". Later, Adam Yauch of "The Beastie Boys"" asked Sean to sign a record contract with the Beastie's "Grand Royal Records" label. The circle continued as Sean asked Yuka to produce his first solo album on Grand Royal titled, "Into the Sun". Sean's solo debut features the same eclectic formula of a smorgasbord of musical styles that has developed as Cibo Matto's trademark in record production.

Sean's talent as a well rounded musician became a fundamental component in the production of Cibo Matto's album, "Stereotype A". Sean appears on the album playing Bass, Drums, Guitars, Percussion, Synth, Vocoder, Synth Bass, Delay Pedal, and adds vocals as well. In regards to Sean's efforts on "Stereotype A" Miho was quoted as saying, "Sean and Timo can play any instrument and they can sing. They were there everyday helping out. This is like a family."

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