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Cibo Matto - Crazy Food

"Cibo Matto" can be roughly translated to mean "Crazy Food" in Italian.

Cibo Matto has established itself as one of the finest alternative music bands of the 1990's. The band is now composed of Miho, Yuka Honda, Timo Ellis, Duma Love, Rick Lee, Brandt Abner, and Ganda. Through their live performances and recorded material, they have demonstrated themselves to be serious musicians with a great sense of humor. The band has been made more successful by the friendly networking and shared experiences with other musicians they have collaborated with.

With only a short time in the United States, Miho found herself struggling to express herself lyrically in English. Through the use of food as symbolic metaphors, she found a way to communicate more complex emotions and ideas, using a vocabuary that she had already encountered. The Crazy Food theme was used initially to provide symbolism of complex emotional and social ideas, that might otherwise be lost within international language barriers.

Since the members of Cibo Matto share an interest in food, they initially took pleasure in creating a smorgasbord of musical arrangements that contained lyrical symbolized associations with culinary delights. After the success of Cibo Matto's first major release on Warner Brothers Records, "Viva! La Woman", the band expanded the scope of it's lyrics and themes beyond those of food.

Miho has demonstrated her diversity as a songwriter and singer, by performing live and on albums in several genres and languages. Meanwhile, Yuka has developed as a serious producer and composer that is setting her own standard of modern sampling, hopefully other musicians will continue to draw ideas from her work. The addition of Timo Ellis, Duma Love, Rick Lee, Brandt Abner, and Ganda has further increased the musical scope and appeal of the band. As a band, Cibo Matto is in a constant state of metamorphous and their music will continue to evolve with each new performance.


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