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I found this guy quoted me in his book, from an article I wrote on Cibo Matto. He credits me with coming up with the malapropism, "defunked". - Find out More Click Here
"Hotel Valentine" - Cibo Matto Album - Feb.14. 2014
What happens to Sites like this - Pitchfork Article
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Pitchfork pre release article on Hotel Valentine
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Hotel Valentine Album Release Party
Chimera Music is Cibo Matto's Label
Cibo Matto Reunited 2011 - With A Vengeance And A Video
Cibo Matto Reflects On Reunion - May 2011
Big in Japan 2011: Yellow Magic Orchestra & Cibo Matto
May 2011 - Cibo Matto Reunion In Full Swing
As Band Announces New Studio Album
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"Stereotype A" - Flash Movies

"People always expect you to choose sides between digital or analog, old school or new school, even between Chinese or Italian food. Well, we eat everything." Miho

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