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As a band, Cibo Matto is in a constant state of metamorphous and their music will continue to evolve with each new performance.

Sugar Water
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After the release of Super Relax, Cibo Matto went back to what they enjoyed doing most, playing live gigs. While touring and performing they continue to write and build on their musical repertoire.
Miho and Yuka have continued to play live gigs both as Cibo Matto and Butter08. They joined their friends, "Buffalo Daughter", and went on tour with Luscious Jackson, Pavement, and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Their concert performances in America , Japan and Europe continue to be well received by their fans.

Cibo Matto's desire to create good live performances and their obvious enjoyment of playing music has created a very loyal fan base for the band. They enjoy being spontaneous and don't believe that a song should always be performed the exact same way. While heading on stage they are often still deciding the type of presentation to bring to a song's performance.

Cibo Matto joined Yoko Ono and others for the "Tibetan Freedom Concert" tours. Further concerts included opening for acts like Philip Glass, Patti Smith, Michael Stipe, and Natalie Merchant. Yuka and Miho continue to perform and build a following for Cibo Matto.

While in concert, the band's songs can take on a life of their own. In this way, songs that have been written are developed over time and can remain in a constant state of evolution.

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