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Miho Releases First Solo Album - 2005! 
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Miho came to America from Tokyo, in the early 1990's, to study at an English school. Miho had met some minor success in Tokyo while singing Hip Hop in a Japanese band named "Kimidori". She developed her ability to get the dance floor grooving, while working as a club DJ in Tokyo. In addition, she learned about different styles of music while working in a record shop. Miho has eclectic tastes in music. Miho doesn't view music as having to be one way or another, but is searching for something she can call "Cool!"

Like her love for gourmet food, her musical style takes on a very cool international flavor. Miho sings the songs that Cibo Matto performs in languages that include English, Japanese, French, and Spanish. Miho describes the bands view on music by saying, "People always expect you to choose sides between digital or analog, old school, new school, even between Chinese or Italian food. Well, we eat everything."

More InfoInitially the typical Cibo Matto song writing approach was that Miho wrote the lyrics and Yuka composed the music separately. Miho was not satisfied to continue to leave all the musical composition to Yuka. Neither was it Yuka’s intent to remain in control of the musical arrangements. Based on this, as well as her Mihogeneral love for musical expression, Miho taught herself to play guitar and drums. She didn’t settle to merely learn basic blues, rock, and folk guitar or other western music that revolved around the 1,4,5 standard chord progression. Instead, Miho set out to master more complex chords and progressions found in Brazilian compositions. "Stereotype A" features compositions based on sophisticated chord arrangements that Miho crafted.

Yuka and Miho played in the band "Butter 08" as a side project. In "Butter 08", Miho not only sang vocals but played piano, organ, and drums. Miho also has worked as part of a side project known as "Handsome Boy Modeling School" (Above Illustration Copyright ©1999 by Hiroshi Kanazawa - Use Limited by Permission)

Miho can begin a song like "Sunday" from "Stereotype A" with a heavy duty rap and close the tune singing a sweet, wispy melody. Her vocal ability ranges from Bossa Nova to Punk Rock to R&B. Yuka pointed out the obvious when she said of her friend Miho, "She's a really talented musican!"

Most recently Miho has joined forces with Smokey Hormel to form an acoustic Brazilian Jazz ensemble known as "Smokey and Miho". In her spare time, Miho is busy singing with many different people. She has sang on several albums with the Beastie Boys. She sang on the song "19-2000" and other selections on the chart-buster debut CD by Gorillaz.   Miho is one of the many guest artists on So Many Worlds by Peter Distefano, Rambient. Miho was on the Hesher debut CD. She appears with the Baldwin Brothers on the song "Dream Girl". She has worked with John Zorn. To name just a couple of folks that she has sang with.

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